12 August 2016

Commission consults on building sector resource efficiency

Commission consults on building sector resource efficiency

In mid August, the European Commission launched a public consultation on the first draft proposals for indicators relating to resourece efficiency in the building sector.  Interested stakeholders have until 7 October 2016 to respond.

The consultation focuses on the summary findings and indicator proposals for the life cycle environmental performance and resource efficiency of EU office and residential buildings.  This paper, produced by the EC's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and currently in draft form, provides an analysis of building project level analysis for how environmental improvements that contribute towards six macro-objective areas have been measured.

The six macro-objectives referred to (developed in 2015) are as follows:

  1. Greenhouse gas emissions from building life cycle energy use: Minimise the total GHG emissions along a buildings lifecycle, with a focus on building operational energy use emissions and embodied emissions.
  2. Resource efficient material life cycles: Optimise building design, engineering and form in order to support lean and circular flows, extend long-term material utility and reduce significant environmental impacts.
  3. Efficient use of water resources: Make efficient use of water resources, particularly in areas of identified long-term or projected water stress.
  4. Healthy and comfortable spaces: Design, construction and renovation of buildings that protect human health by minimising the potential for occupier and worker exposure to health risks
  5. Resilience to climate change: The futureproofing of building thermal performance to projected changes in the urban microclimate, in order to protect occupier health and comfort.
  6. Optimised life cycle cost and value: Optimisation of the life cycle cost and value of buildings, inclusive of acquisition, operation, maintenance and disposal 
Stakeholders have until 7 October 2016 to respond to the consultation.

More information: Draft paper - Consultation

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