21 November 2016

EU develops protocol to manage construction & demolition waste

EU develops protocol to manage construction & demolition waste

On 10 November 2016, the European Commission (DG GROW) issued a protocol which provides guidance on managing construction and demolition waste (C&DW).  Developed by Ecofys, the protocol aims to increase industry's confidence in the waste management process and the quality of recycled C&DW materials.

Five compopnents make up this protocol:

  • Waste identification, source separation and collection
  • Waste logistics
  • Waste processing
  • Quality management
  • Policy and framework conditions.
In terms of target audience, it is aimed at:
  • Industry practitioners; construction sector (including renovation companies and demolition contractors), construction product manufacturers, waste treatment, transport and logistics as well as recycling companies
  • Public authorities at local, regional, national and EU levels
  • Quality certification bodies for buildings and infrastructure
  • Clients of C&D recycled materials.

In a nutshell, the protocol encourages the idea of (manual) dismantling of buildings/infrastructure in order to allow for reuse and recyclingand  highlights that the main waste streams should be treated seperately. Furthermore, it recommends the use of nearby sorting and recycling options in order to ensure short transport distances, particularly in the case of bulky materials such as concrete.

More information: Protocol

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