Benefits of concrete


Concrete enables safe, affordable and resilient housing and infrastructure

  • Concrete provides the necessary foundation for a safe and resilient built environment, as well as solutions to societal challenges such as those induced by increasing urbanisation
  • Affordability, flexibility and energy efficiency make concrete a material of choice for infrastructure such as hospitals, schools, public buildings and transport infrastructure
  • Concrete can be cast into virtually any shape or form, which allows for design freedom and an almost infinite variety of applications


Concrete construction drives economic growth, innovation and jobs

  • As a central pillar of the construction sector, concrete is a driver of economic growth, with a unique multiplier effect on jobs and economic activity
  • Concrete is a main enabler of modern construction, providing multiple and unique properties, flexibility and value for money
  • Concrete is a local business across the entire value chain, deeply rooted in local economies. A local product for a local market


Concrete offers optimum whole-life performance

  • Concrete absorbs temperature variations (by its thermal mass) which reduces energy consumption in buildings
  • Thanks to use of alternative fuels and by-products from other industries, and end-of-life recycling, concrete is an integral part of the circular economy
  • Through quarry rehabilitation, the concrete sector contributes to creating protected local biodiversity hotspots and ecosystems
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