German College of Madrid

German College was built with architectural White Agilia concrete, exposed white Artevia pavement and Hydromedia.

The use of white concrete in pavements and buildings in urban settings is an environmental solution for sustainability. As a sustainable solution, it offers residue reduction, efficient use of materials, and improvement in product design by reducing the environmental impact over all life stages of the material.

Artevia and Agilia white concrete offer the possibility of using recycled aggregates and due to the white colour, it requires less lighting thanks to its tonality, resulting in lower power consumption. Furthermore, white concrete decreases the island effect in the cities.

To complete sustainable solutions in this project, Hydromedia has been used to build the childrens' playground in the event of rain. The playground is permeable therefore it avoids puddles while providing a sustainable water management system.

Key Facts:

  • Country: Spain
  • Year of completion: 2015
  • Owner: German Government
  • Construction : Formento de Construcciones y Contratas S.A. & Viasy Construcciones S.A.
  • Architect: Günlucht Ernst Planungsgesellschaft Berlin GmbH
  • Engineering: BBR Referat IIIS2 Sra Brod, Sr. Ott
  • On-site Manager: BBR Referat IIIA1 Sr. Machens
  • Budget: €56m
  • Concrete volume:
    • Standard concrete 33900 m3
    • White SCC: 7500 m3
  • Total surface: 27063m2

Tags: energy efficiency, permeable

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