Housing Corporation Asunto Oy Helsingin Flooranaukio ja Kiinteistö Oy Lontoonkuja (Finland)

In 2011, the Housing Corporation Asunto Oy Helsingin Flooranaukio ja Kiinteistö Oy Lontoonkuja won the Concrete Structure of the Year Award for skilled design and professional implementation of the project.  The close cooperation between the developer, the town planner and the designers, combined with competent use of concrete, has produced a functioning and impressive architectural building in the residential district of Arabianranta in Helsinki. 

Concrete has been used in a holistic and integrated manner in both façades and building frames. The sculptural structures of the internal courtyard, in particular, highlight the formability and delicate features of concrete in building architecture. The high-standard appearance of the building is completed by the successful implementation of the technically challenging use of precast units, including installation. The buildings of Housing Corporation Asunto Oy Helsingin Flooranaukio ja Kiinteistö Oy Lontoonkuja form an integral city block with a common courtyard that opens up towards the Toukola shore park on the south side of Lontoonkuja Street.

The redbrick cladding and the openings of the building's street façades imitate the rationalism of the old industrial buildings of the Arabia area. This is contrasted by the light colour of the courtyard-side façade, which flows in free form bringing light and variety to the deep city block. Mosaic concrete unites Finnish architecture in a modern way with European building art. A two-storey row-house type structure stands on top of the building, as indicated in the town plan.   The white concrete surfaces of the undulating elements of the internal courtyard are enlivened by a floral motif fabricated in connection with the production of the precast façade and balcony elements. The motif is made from mosaic concrete using waste porcelain from the production process of the Arabia factory. The compatibility of the curved façade elements, the dimensional precision of the parts, the structural details as well as the development of mosaic surfaces have been particularly demanding. The balcony rear wall and reveal elements are made from formlined pigment-dyed concrete. Brick façades have also been realised through a demanding precast technique.  The load bearing structures of the buildings are precast reinforced concrete elements.

The façade architecture of the project is based on an entry submitted to the competition in which ATT invited façade designs for Posliinikatu Street in Arabianranta. The winners were declared in 2007 and this particular entry was recommended by the Jury for implementation somewhere else in the Toukola shore park area.  Through long-term cooperation with an experienced town planner, an individualistic city block complex has been designed in Arabianranta, based on the development of new and innovative housing construction. The City of Helsinki Housing Production Department, ATT, has in its capacity as the Developer created the preconditions for the implementation of the project and thus for the development of living quality and comfort.  Project size: 45 370 m3, number of apartments: 122

The awarded project has been designed by Helsinki-based Architects Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Heikkinen-Komonen Oy. The primary architects of the project have been SAFA architects Mikko Heikkinen, Markku Komonen and Kai van der Puij.


  • Developer: City of Helsinki Housing Production Department, ATT
  • Architectural design: Architects Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Heikkinen-Komonen Oy
  • Structural design: Finnmap Consulting Oy
  • Town planner: Mikael Sundman, architect, Licentiate in Technology
  • Precast concrete elements: Parma Oy
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