Concrete & the 2012 London Olympics

Country: UK
Type: Sports facilites

Concrete was the material of choice for much of the infrastructure built for the 2012 London Olympics. For example, for the Olympic Stadium Precast beams supporting the lower tiers were cast on the stadium site, there is 9,250 m3 of precast concrete within the stadium bowl. This 'on-site prefabrication' method produced some very high quality finishes. The Olympic Stadium used pre-cast elements and recycled aggregates as cement replacement to achieve a sustainable and robust home for the Olympic Games.

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Park Hill

Country: UK
Type: Appartments, Retail, Leisure

This iconic post-war housing development needed to be brought into the 21st century.

The concrete structural grid was structurally sound and was repaired and retained to create modern living spaces.

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The Forum

Country: UK
Type: Educational/Leisure

The Forum is a £27 million project that comprises municipal and academic libraries, a research and teaching facility, arts venue and café.

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Edifício Vodafone (Oporto Vodafone Building)

Country: Portugal
Type: Office building

The Vodafone headquarters in the city of Oporto is a major white concrete building dating from 2009. The building, which will accommodate all of the company's departments, has eight floors, five of which are above ground and three underground, with a total area of 4 700 m².

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Eastern Scheldt Barrier

Country: The Netherlands
Type: Storm surge barrier

For the Eastern Scheldt Barrier, which was designed and built in the early eighties, the durability requirements were, for the first time, expressed in terms of time: a service life of 200 years. As this was not feasible for the concrete cover, a mean service life of around 85 years was accepted.

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Martin Luther School

Country: Germany
Type: School

The school is designed to meet stringent PassivHaus standards for thermal performance and use of minimal energy for space heating.

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Turku Bridge

Country: Finland
Type: Bridge

The newly developed CEM II/B-M (S-LL) 42,5 N cement was used for the construction of a road bridge in Käärmekallio near Turku airport, commissioned by the city of Turku.

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