Vidin-Calafat Bridge

Country: Bulgaria-Romania
Type: Bridge/Railway

The Vidin-Calafat Bridge (also known as Danube Bridge 2) is a road and railway bridge linking the cities of Calafat (Romania) and Vidin (Bulgaria). This bridge is of key significance not only for the development of the Pan-European Transport Corridor ІV but also for the entire South-East European Transport Axis and the Trans-European Transport network.

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Rehabilitation of the Antwerp Ring Road

Country: Belgium
Type: Road

The R1 is a 14-km ring road which surrounds the city of Antwerp and was opened to traffic in 1969. The road was first rehabilitated between 1976 and 1977, with some sections of the road being widened to up to 7 traffic lanes. However, an increase in traffic intensity to nearly 200 000 vehicles per day led to the need for a complete structural rehabilitation of this motorway.

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