Gotthard Base and Railway Tunnel

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Key Facts:
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Year of construction: 1993 (sounding drills), 1996 (preparations), 4 February 1999 (official start, first blasting), 2003 (mechanical excavation)
  • Year of completion: 2016
  • Client: Swiss Confederation
  • Tunnel construction company: AlpTransit Gotthard AG (ATG)
  • Tunnel operator: SBB
  • Start of daily passenger service: 11 December 2016
  • Photo credits: AlpTransit Gotthard Ltd
The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest tunnel of the world, 57km long. The tunnel shortens travel distance through the Alps and reduces the number of freight trains.

Marmaray Railway Tunnel

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Key Facts:
  • Country: Turkey
  • Concrete: Appr.1.000.000 m3 (Mostly DURABET® C40)
  • Cement Type: OYAK Bolu Cement- CEM I 42.5 N (SR-Low Alkali)
The Marmaray Project consists of a suburban rail system that establishes a connection between Istanbul Halkalı and Gebze. The project interconnects the city’s European and Asian Sides by a 1387 meter long railway tunnel constructed under the Bosphorus strait. The overall length of the rail system is 76 km. The Bosphorus will be crossed by an immersed tube, assembled from 11 sections with lengths varying between 98,5 and 138 meters. With a depth of 56 meters, these tube sections will comprise the world's deepest undersea immersed tube tunnel, earthquake-proof against magnitudes of 10.

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