JRC report highlights economic benefits of building renovation

On 25 March 2015, the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission published a report outlining the benefits which can be harnessed thanks to the energy renovation of existing buildings. 

Entitled “Energy Renovation: The Trump Card for the New Start for Europe”, it notes that energy renovation is essential in order for Europe to attain its 2020 – it is also a win-win option for the EU economy. Buildings remain the biggest energy consumer in Europe, accounting for 40% of total final energy consumption in 2012 (and 38% of total EU CO2 emissions). In terms of recommendations, the report highlights that an EU renovation plan is needed in order to phase inefficient buildings across Europe. Such a plan should incorporate existing EU policy frameworks linked to growth, jobs, climate, energy and cohesion.  In addition, a clear, coherent and decentralised governance structure including an Energy Renovation Facilitator and a Risk Sharing Pool cascaded at different levels of governance is also needed.  In terms of financing, the JRC suggests that the cost of energy renovation should be made more transparent so that investment needs could be better assessed.  

More information: Report

Tags: renovation, energy efficiency

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