Q4 2015 Concrete Dialogue now available!

The latest edition of the Concrete Dialogue is now available! 

This quarterly newsletter by The Concrete Initiative provides highlights on the latest sustainable construction-related news fron accross Europe. This edition includes:

  • Citizens at the Heart of the Sustainably-built Environment 
  • Thematic lunch: Modernising buildings and infrastructure
  • Cement and Concrete Industry: Multiplier Effect on the Economy and their Contribution to a Low Carbon Economy
  • Fact sheet: CO2 and the built environment - The positive role of concrete
  • Fact sheet: Policy do's and don'ts for construction and demolition waste
  • Fact sheet: Thermal mass - The smart approach to energy performance
  • From the blog: The future is bright with concrete roads
and much more!

More information: Concrete Dialogue Q4 2015

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