Reducing building emissions through national renovation strategies

With the aim of encouraging ‘national renovation strategies’, Green Building Councils from across Europe have joined forces and set up BUILDUPON, an EU project partially funded by Horizon 2020.  Its mission is to support governments, industry and civil society in delivering ‘national renovation strategies’ over the next 12 months. 

Their hope is that these strategies will outline how a country can renovate it buildings and homes to a high standard of energy efficiency and thereby reduce emissions from buildings. The project is based on a collaborative approach.  It currently brings together over 1,000 organisations, across 13 countries, making BUILDUPON the world’s largest collaborative project on building renovation.  To facilitate this collaboration, two platforms have been put in place:

  • The ‘RenoWiki’ – an online portal which allows individuals to upload real-life initiatives on building renovations in Europe in order to share best practice and successful initiatives;
  • and A series of 80+ events aimed at bringing organisations together to consult and engage key players in what could be included in their renovation strategies.
Given that today 75% of the existing building stock in Europe is “energy inefficient”, both renovation and rebuilding have a clear role to play in reducing building emissions.  This issue was recently discussed during a thematic lunch organized by The Concrete Initiative.  In many instances, renovation can go a long way towards achieving energy efficiency targets.  But it is not the only solution – rebuilding also has a role to play.  It is therefore important that projects are assessed on a case by case basis to see which of the two would achieve the best outcomes in terms of energy efficiency, financial viability and meeting social needs.   

More information: BUILDUPON Thematic Lunch    

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