Tackling the energy efficient renovation of buildings challenge

Renovation is one of the ways in which we can make buildings across Europe more energy efficient.  However, there are still many challenges and hurdles which need to be overcome. For example, the building sector is relatively fragmented which makes it difficult to identify and offer holistic solutions for deep renovation at an acceptable cost and quality. 

Against this background, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) has recently published a report which draws attention to how this challenge could be tackled. The report is based on a workshop held at the end of last year and gathers together the opinions of experts in the building sector (such as architects and engineers) who have been involved in relevant EU-funded projects. The report puts forward several potential solutions, which include communicating the benefits of a renovation project in a meaningful way to consumers and establishing cooperation at a district scale, rather than focusing on individual projects.

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Tags: renovation, energy efficiency

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