Heating & cooling strategy focuses on energy leakage from buildings

On 16 February 2016, the European Commission adopted a Strategy for Heating and Cooling.  This strategy forms part of the Sustainable Energy Security Package, and is accompanied by a staff working document.

The strategy provides a framework for integrating efficient heating and cooling into EU energy policies, and focuses, in particular, on action to prevent energy leaking from buildings and maximising the efficiency and sustainability of heating and cooling systems.  Ways of optimising heating and cooling in the industrial sector also form an integral part of this strategy. Indeed, according to the Commission, heating and cooling in buildings and industry, accounts for 50% of the EU's annual energy consumption.

Actions which the Commission plans to look into in 2016 in relation to buildings include the following:

  • Analysing ways of strengthening the reliability of energy performance certificates and reinforcing their signals for renewable energy
  • Developing a toolbox of measures to facilitate renovation in multi-apartment buildings
  • Promoting proven energy efficiency models for publicly owned educational buildings and hospitals
  • Using inspections of boilers to provide information on the efficiency of existing heating and cooling systems.
  • Facilitating the market uptake of voluntary certification schemes for non-residential buildings.

More information: Strategy Staff Working Document - Memo

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