Commission consults on impacts of legislation on construction

Is European legislation having a negative impact on the competitiveness of the construction sector?  This is the question behind the recently launched European Commission consultation, which aims to gather feedback on the impact of EU legislation on the construction sector. It covers 15 pieces of EU legislation in the following policy fields: Internal Market, Energy Efficiency, Environment and Health & Safety.

According to a Commission statement ahead of the consultation, certain industry sectors view existing legislation in this field as a "source of excessive burden and legal uncertainty". Thanks to this consulation, those who have first hand experience of the impact of such legislation on construction activities will be able to have their say in terms its relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and EU added value. 

As highlighted by the Commission, the performance of the construction sector has the greatest impact on the development of the overall economy.  It generates around 9% of GDP, provides 18 million direct jobs and consumes around €800 billions-worth of intermediate products from a variety of industrail sectors.  However, it is currently under great pressusre due to the economic crisis and challenges such as energy savings and reducing its environmental impact.

Here the Commission already notes that the Internal Market needs to function properly and effectively in order to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the sector.  Furthermore, the health and safety of the 13+ million workers needs to be guarenteed in a cost effective manner.

More information: Consultation - Cement & concrete industry - Multiplier effect on the economy



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