16 August 2016

Investment in improved housing generates savings

Investment in improved housing generates savings

According to a recent report by Eurofund, investing €3 in improving housing conditions would generate savings of €2 in just one year.

The report focuses on improving the quality of housing in terms of structural problems, lack of basic facilities (eg bath/shower or toilet) and a shortage of space.  The authors estimate an investment of around €295 billion in order to improve the housing stock to an acceptable level. These would in turn reduce the costs to society associated with living in inadequate housing, including medical costs and greater future opportunities and earnings for residents.  It estimated that the current costs to society of such 'unimproved' housing lies at around €193 billion.  In terms of medical savings alone, improved housing would reduce costs by around €9 billion a year.  The greatest benefits can be gained by ensuring housing which is both dry and warm, and reduces the risk of fuel poverty.

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