UNESCO recognises oustanding contribution of architect Le Corbusier

The United Nations Educational, Scientifc and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has recently recognised the outstanding architectural contribution of Le Corbusier to the Modern Movement. 17 of his works, across 7 countries have now found their way onto the list of UN World Heritage sites.

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Energy producing, storing and supplying buildings

According to a paper published by the Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) on 29 June 2016, buildings can play a very important role in a decarbonised energy system.  This is because buildings are increasingly capable of producing, storing and supplying energy, which allows for a more flexible, and less fossil-fuel based system. 

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Council calls for streamlining urban policies

Further to the launch of the EU Urban Agenda back in May 2016, the Council has adopted a series of conclusions in which it calls on the European Commission to play an active role in implementing this initiative as well as streamiling policies which have a direct mpact on urban areas.

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