Concrete sector calls for higher investment in sustainable construction, boosting growth & jobs

The Concrete Initiative calls for higher levels of investment into sustainable construction to boost jobs and growth and at the same time help build Europe’s low carbon economy

Management consultancy study points to nearly 3 times multiplier of investment in cement and concrete construction in jobs in the wider EU economy

Brussels, 19 November 2015: A newly released study by La Bipe (Euroconstruct) management consultants, has documented that for every job created in cement and concrete within the construction industry, nearly three jobs (2.8) are created in the wider economy. The report’s findings were revealed at a high level conference hosted by The Concrete Initiative today in Brussels. The conference brought together European and local policymakers and other interested stakeholders to discuss the economic, social and environmental benefits of sustainable construction for Europe’s citizens.

Commenting on the report’s findings, Daniel Gauthier, President of CEMBUREAU, a leading member organisation of The Concrete Initiative said:  “The cement and concrete industry adds €56 billion to the European economy and provides jobs for more than a million people”. Mr Gauthier continued: “Industry calls on the European Commission and the EU Member States to use the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) to promote infrastructure and sustainable construction projects to help create a better built environment for Europe’s citizens in the future and drive Europe’s economic recovery.”

The Le Bipe study also highlighted the key sectors where cement and concrete are used which in turn contribute to Europe’s low carbon economy. These include energy efficiency, transport infrastructure and sustainable construction.

A further study from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, discussed at the conference, highlighted key components that make for sustainable construction, in particular the need to design and assess buildings taking all aspects such as cost, safety and environment into account. “With the European Commission’s proposals on the circular economy expected to be released shortly, and in the context of the international climate change talks in Paris, it is important that cement, concrete and construction’s efforts to contribute to Europe’s low carbon economy are recognised”  concluded Koen Coppenholle, CEMBUREAU Chief Executive

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