Thermal mass: The smart approach to energy performance

Did you know that concrete can store energy and that, later on, this energy is then released? This effect, which is due to the high ‘thermal mass’ of concrete, makes buildings more energy efficient, lowers CO2 emissions, and improves wellbeing and comfort.

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The Concrete Initiative brochure

Concrete is the most widely-used construction material in the world. It is part of our everyday lives. However, its ubiquitous nature often means it is taken for granted. The Concrete Initiative aims to increase awareness of its essential role in creating a sustainable construction sector in Europe. In this publication, we outline how concrete can positively contribute to the three pillars of society, namely Society, Economy and the Environment.  We also highlight ways in which EU policies need to be adapted, as well as our commitments.

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The Concrete Initiative manifesto

The Concrete Initiative pledges to work with policymakers and relevant stakeholders, including financial institutions, suppliers, and civil society to maximise the contribution of concrete to achieving truly sustainable construction. It will initiate a cross-sectoral forum to investigate how concrete’s properties can be harnessed by intelligent design and construction techniques to maximise the contribution to society and minimise the environmental footprint of buildings and structures over their whole life cycle. In this Manifesto we outline our commitments as well as the policy framework required in order to achieve sustainable construction!

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